Track 3

Track 3: Security, Privacy and Trust

Track Chair:
- Nadia Bennani, INSA de Lyon, LIRIS, France

- Elif Bilge Kavun, The University of Sheffield, UK

The Security, Privacy and Trust track is concerned with the important role of information security in today’s digital world. The focus of the track is on advances in information security technologies, new attacks and hacker exploits, artificial intelligence and deep learning for information security, digital crime and forensics, intrusion detection and incident response, malware and attack analysis, privacy and data breaches, and governance and information security management.
We are soliciting submissions of original unpublished scholarly work that is not under consideration by another journal or conference.


- Information, network and applications security
- Information security technologies
- Access control, web filters and firewalls
- Fact checking, fake news and social media posts
- Encryption, steganography, and VPN technologies
- Biometrics, National ID Cards, Identity Theft
- Software security and secure coding
- Security of hardware and industrial systems
- Hardware-based trusted computing
- Vulnerability assessment and mitigating attacks
- Wireless network security
- Internet-of-Thing, fog computing and cloud security and privacy
- Social engineering and phishing attacks
- Security Analytics and Data mining
- Security and privacy of user data
- Information security management and governance
- Software piracy
- Privacy and Security Patterns
- Cryptographic support in trusted computing
- Identity and Trust Management
- Privacy, Traceability, and Anonymity
- Security and privacy policies
- Security by design
- Privacy by design
- Forensics
- Privacy-enhancing technologies
- Blockchains and distributed ledger security
- Energy-guided privacy, trust and security

 PC Members:
- Nadia Bennani, INSA-Lyon, France
- Christophe Feltus, Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
- Raul Pardo Jimenez, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
- Ibéria Medeiros, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
- Alex Palesandro, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
- Shujun Li, University of Kent, UK
- Hassina Meziane, university Oran, Algeria
- Manuel Munier, UPPA, France
- Aydin Aysu, North Carolina State University, US
- Faiza Loukil, University of Lyon, France
- Elif Bilge Kavun, The University of Sheffield, UK
- Nesrine Kaaniche, The University of Sheffield, UK
- Youakim Badr, The Pennsylvania State University, US
- Battou Amal, uiz, Morroco
- Armin Gerl, Universität Passau, Germany
- Omar Hasan, University of Lyon, France
- Naercio Magaia, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
- M. Tolga Sakalli Trakya University, Turkey
- Hassan Badir ENSAT, Morroco
- Tolga Yalcin, Northern Arizona University, US
- Salima Benbernou, University Paris 5, France
- Stelvio Cimato, University of Milan , Italy
- Erdinc Ozturk, Sabanci University, Turkey
- Romain Laborde, University of Toulouse, France
- Marc Lacoste, Orange labs, France
- Amal Battou, Faculty Ibn Zohr, Morroco