medina MEDINA & SOUKS :
We start the visit of the Medersa Benyoussef
It is a riot of colour, noise and activity, a wealthy storehouse of all the treasures of this vast and varied country. They are grouped in corporations.
Thus you will find all the silver merchants in one corner, all the gold merchants in another, and rows
of stalls selling exclusively leatherwork or copper goods or jewellery. The real fascination is to watch the craftsmen at work, gilding on leather, or inlaying with enamel the sheaths of ornate silver daggers, hammering out copper, embroidering silks or smoothing out the surface of a cedar wood table.



The name literally translated as "the mosque or assembly of the dead" is taken to refer to the custom of displaying the heads of vanquished rebels or criminals, since the square is know to have been a place of public execution even up to the last century. Then it has been a center for public meetings and even riots.

We can organize transfer to restaurant by horse cariage with small tour for Marrakech by
night and return by bus if you want original program



Transfer to the medina (old town) and one of splendid old palaces, carefully restored to its former magnificence with its sculpted and painted wooden ceilings, stucco walls and hand made colorful tiling for a refined Moroccan dinner. The approach to the restaurant is lined with the traditional nomad Blue Men, bearing torches. The guests enter the restaurant under a shower of rose petals. The evening is animated by various Moroccan dancers as well as a belly dancer.


Restaurant Palais Stylia

palais stylia 

Located in a narrow street of the Medina, the STYLIA restaurant welcomes and entrains guests and culinary loves.

  Because of its four fork classification, it stays beyond dispute reference in the Moroccan gastronomy.

  The STYLIA combines culinary and decoration arts in high level scenery.

  The architecture, the spacious volumes and the muffled alcoves of XWth century palace, can either welcome individual customer searching peace and serenity, or organize receptions and prestigious private or professional


Fantasia Diner at Chez Ali

fantasia1 fantasia2.png

We suggest exceptional fantasia dinner in the heart of la Palmeraie, a very special place offering the chance to experience a traditional Moroccan evening, tasting the most exquisite examples of Moroccan cuisine, accompanied by languid and mysterious songs of folk groups from the Atlas Mountains and all the excitement of a charge by Berber horsemen. We are not just offering the chance to share a fabulous meal-we are also offering surprise, astonishment, and the most wonderful gift there is ….PURE MAGIC.