Track 5

Track 5: Natural Language Processing and Applications

Track Chair:

  • Ali Jaoua, Oryx Universal College Qatar, in partnership with LJMU, UK
  • Nasredine Semmar, CEA, France


Research about linguistics has a direct impact on modern computing, system interfacing, and cognitive science. As very related to hidden human thinking complexity, natural language processing progress is requiring more advanced machine learning algorithms and a variety of improved engineering tools. With the increasing number of applications and the size of exchanged texts, algorithms for natural language processing should become more efficient. Natural language is more and more used as a communication language with computers, therefore natural language processing is becoming central for future human/computer interfaces. Database search results and real-time face-to-face or online meetings might be summarized in a textual form, at an acceptable time.
Authors for NLP/Natural Language Processing and Applications track should submit original research papers including but not limited to the following topics:


• Natural language processing,
• Natural language applications,
• Dialog and interactive systems,
• Restructuring and browsing in big documents,
• Automatic big text summary generation,
• Extracting information from texts,
• Discourse and pragmatics,
• Machine Translation, Phonology,
• Morphology and word segmentation”,
• Question Answering,
• Applications, Semantics,
• Sentiment Analysis, Speech,
• Tagging, chunking, syntax, and parsing,
• Linguistics applications,
• Link between cognitive science and natural language