20th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications

(AICCSA 2023)   4 – 7 December, 2023


The ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA) is the premier conference covering all contemporary areas in computer systems and applications and hence it is an international forum for leading researchers and practitioners in this important and rapidly changing disciplines. AICCSA 2023 will be held in the lovely and highly vibrant National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) – Smart Village, Giza, Egypt.

Past AICCSA Conferences

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Symposiums and Workshops in conjunction with AICCSA 2023

Recent News
15/01/2023: Launching AICCSA 2023 website

25/04/2023: The PhD Symposium can now run in Hybrid mode (in Person and Online) to all as many PhD students to benefit from the symposium as possible. 

10/05/2023The deadline for workshops and Tutorial Proposals are extended to 30th June (Firm). 8 Workshops have already been accepted and will be added on the website soon.

07/06/2023: Following the many requests from authors the Deadline for submission extended to Sunday 18th June 2023

– 08/06/2023: The steering committee decided to offer a number of scholarships for students, which will mainly be translated into discounted registration fees. more details to be provided soon

– 28/07/2023: Launch of the Second round of Submissions: check important Dates

– 28/07/2023registration fees are now published with different categories, including  one day registrations, and virtual attendance rates as well as rates for local participants and scholarships with considerable discounts for students. check REGISTRATION

– 04/12/2023: program last version with sessions links