Track 1: Ubiquitous, Parallel and Distributed Computing (including cloud, IoT, network, sensors, blockchain technologies)

Chairs: Rima Grati (Zayed University, UAE) and Sami Yangui ( University of Toulouse, France)


Track 2: Security, Privacy, and Trust

Chairs: Marco Viviani (University of Milan-Bicocca) and Rasheed Husain (Bristol Digital Futures Institute, UK)



Track 3: Data Science, knowledge engineering, and ontologies (including Information Retrieval, Big Data, Databases, and Knowledge Systems)

Chairs: Sana Sallemi (Aix Marseille University, LIS Laboratory, France) and Mohamed Reda Bouadjenek (Deakin University, Australia)


Track 4: Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Systems

Chairs: Sunil Aryal (Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env) and Besma Zeddini (CNRS SATIE Lab)


Track 5: Natural Language Processing

Chairs: Ali Jaoua (Qatar University) and Nasredine Semmar (CEA)


Track 6: Multimedia, Computer Vision, and Image Processing

Chairs: Aura Conci (Fluminense Federal University – UFF) and Nadjia Benblidia (Saad Dahlab Univ.)