1. Federated Architectures & Testbeds Workshop on 5G and Beyond.
  2. 6th International Workshop on Health Informatics: Disruptive Approaches in Health Informatics for Digital Health Transformation (HOPE’2023)
  3.  Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance and IIoT (AI4PMI) 
  4. Advancements in Arabic NLP Leveraging Long Language Models and Knowledge Graphs
  5.  International Workshop on Modern Technologies for Natural Disasters Management (NADIM) – 2023 
  6. International Workshop on AI-Powered Smart Inclusive Systems : Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Accessibility (AISIS’23) 
  7. Intelligent and Sustainable Vehicle Networking (ISVN) Workshop, (ISVN 2023)
  8. The 1st International Workshop on Artificial Learning for Cyber Security  (ALCS 2023)

  9. The Recommendation Systems Workshop ( RcS2023)

  10. Quantum Computing Applications and Security Workshop (QCAS 2023)