Conference Social Events:

If you want to register your name please email: Dr. Abdelkader (

Here is the social events program:

1- At 7am: Move from the Novotel Hotel using an air-conditioned bus and wait for the rest of the conference participants at the assembly point (Hadayek Al-Ahram Gate No. 3). Head to the Giza pyramids at 7:30 pm, where you can see the pyramids (Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure), the Sphinx, some ancient ruins, horse riding, and go-karting.
2- At 11 am: Move from the pyramids area and go to the Nile Corniche Restaurant for lunch (open buffet) until 1:30 pm.
3- At 1: 30 pm: Move to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to learn more about Egyptian antiquities that express Egyptian civilization throughout the ages.
4- At 4:30 pm: Move to the Khan Al-Khalili area to take a free tour through the streets of ancient Egypt, take photos, and buy souvenirs.
5- Return to the meeting point (Hadayek Al-Ahram Gate No. 3) and then move to the Novotel Hotel.

Pyramids and Sphinx

The Egyptian Museum

Khan el-Khalili