1st International Workshop on Ethical AI in Healthcare: Connecting Innovation and Responsibility (ECHO’2024)


As technology advances, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent in healthcare, revolutionizing clinical diagnostics, patient care, predictive medicine, and decision-making. However, with this rapid transformative technology comes a pressing need to address ethical, legal, and social considerations. The intersection of AI and healthcare raises complex issues surrounding patient privacy, data security, algorithmic bias, and equitable access to care.
To tackle these challenges, our workshop aims to explore ethical AI in healthcare and discuss strategies to bridge the gap between innovation and responsibility. By fostering a culture of responsible innovation, we can harness the full potential of technological advancements of AI while ensuring AI alignments with ethical principles and governance.
While the AICSSA’2024 conference covers a broader range of contemporary areas in computer systems and applications, this workshop will cover the importance of ethical considerations in the design, development and deployment of responsible AI in healthcare innovation.
The key objectives of this workshop include:
▪ Examine the current landscape of AI applications in healthcare and identify potential
ethical challenges.
▪ Enhancing awareness on incorporating ethical considerations into AI development and
deployment processes.
▪ Promoting responsible and evidence-informed AI implementation in healthcare.
▪ Explore case studies highlighting ethical challenges in AI-driven healthcare solutions.
▪ Identify relevant ethical frameworks, principles, and best practices for ensuring
transparency, explainability, and fairness in AI algorithms and models.
▪ Foster critical thinking and collaboration among stakeholders to develop actionable
solutions and promote responsible AI in healthcare.

This workshop is designed for AI researchers, scholars, healthcare professionals, policymakers, ethicists, and other stakeholders involved in the development, deployment, or regulation of AI technologies and generative AI in healthcare settings. By bringing together diverse perspectives, we aim to foster collaboration and catalyze efforts to bridge the gap between innovative solutions and responsibility in this rapidly evolving field.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

▪ Challenges and issues in AI-related design, development and ethics.
▪ Ethical frameworks, models, and guidelines around AI in healthcare.
▪ AI and law, regulation and governance in healthcare.
▪ AI Ethics, cybersecurity, privacy, and risk management in healthcare.
▪ AI bias, fairness, and ethical algorithms in heathcare.
▪ Ethically-aligned design of AI-driven healthcare systems.
▪ Ethically-aware methods in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learnign, and Big Data.
▪ Ethics of AI and data analytics.
▪ Applied AI ethics in healthcare (case studies, empirical investigations, taxonomical
research, relevant work from sociology, psychology, and other socialsciences).
▪ Explainable AI models behind AI-driven healthcare decisions.
▪ Model-based design of trustworthy health information systems.
▪ Ethics and telemedicine, remote monitoring, IoT in healthcare.