7th International Workshop on Health Informatics: IT Innovations and Disruptive Approaches in the Digital Health Era (HOPE’24)


The workshop HOPE’24 highlights the integration of health informatics and digital health technologies to enhance patient care and manage healthcare challenges. It emphasizes the importance of patient-centered solutions, digital transformation, and the application of artificial intelligence and big data analytics in developing improved surveillance methods, early disease detection, novel treatments, and effective decision-making tools. The workshop seeks to foster research that tackles the economic and societal challenges within the health sector, both in developed and developing countries, and explores innovative approaches such as digital twins,
predictive analytics, and personalized medicine. With a special focus on addressing issues like COVID-19, the workshop encourages submissions on early surveillance and diagnosis of infectious diseases. It aims to provide a collaborative platform for researchers to present their findings, discuss emerging trends, and contribute to advancements in public health and healthcare management.